“Arise, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it.” Genesis 13:17

Our Tours

Together we will host you on the trip

what we offer

All of the itineraries are available for groups and individual private tour.

Ones we get your requests we will create a tailor made itinerary for you.

  • Christian pilgrims- an amazing opportunity to make your spiritual life contact the physical life. A unique itinerary that will follow the biblical sequence. An experience that will stay with you for ever.
  • Jewish pilgrims- the construction of three items – land people book . We give you an opportunity for contacting past present and future. A mitsva that will stay with you for ever .
  • Special journeys – giving you a chance to see the country in a different perspective.
  • A walking and wine(ing) tour . A verity of different wine tasting , combined with the history of the wine maker and the land. All of that , with a hiking in between.
  • A culinary hands on test of the country, workshops with leading chefs and restaurateurs. We get to meet with all the ethnic verity of israel, and walk it off in between.
  • The extreme dream. Kayaking four seas in ten days . Scuba diving, rock rappelling, hiking and more.
  • Helicopter tours as an add on to the tour or a full day

Ones we get your requests we will create a tailor made itinerary for you.

beyond israel

Special tours out of israel are on particular subjects or on a personal request. Hosted and created by us, with a unique itinerary. It can be a privet group or a small booked trip.

  1.  Morocco – a meeting point of desert, mountains and sea, combined with incredible markets and food. Including an amazing variety of people, and a lot of Jewish heritage.
  2. Portugal – an historical diamond at the Atlantic waterfront. A very interesting Jewish history as well as beautiful cities.
  3.  Footsteps of Paul – from Turkey through Greece to Rome, on a Protestant itinerary. It can be done in parts or as one.
  4. East African safari – based on our specific itinerary, including human history, biology, anthropology, wildlife photography, scuba diving, and a hot air balloon.
  5. Middle East extension – Jordan and Egypt heritage treasures and Dubai with fun and games.